DeMint Says He’ll Likely Skip Obama’s Econ Speech

In an interview this morning in Columbia, SC, Jim DeMint told me he’ll probably skip President Obama’s speech to joint session of Congress on Thursday.

“If he sent a written proposal over first, I would go hear him explain it, but frankly right now I’m so frustrated I don’t think I’m going to go,” DeMint told ABC News.

The President’s speech will be a nationally televised opportunity to lay out his plan to improve the economy and help create more jobs. But DeMint predicts most people will tune it out.

“I can’t imagine too many Americans wanting to hear another speech with no real plan attached,” DeMint said.

The White House has suggested the President will offer bipartisan ideas such as an extension of the payroll tax cut put in place as part of the 2009 Economic Recovery Act.

After all, Democrats reason, Republicans love tax cuts.

But DeMint told ABC News he would likely oppose a temporary extension of the payroll tax cut because, he said, it is an ineffective and costly way to create jobs. The tax cut expires at the end of the year.

The last time the President made a speech to a special joint session — other than his annual state of the union speeches — another South Carolina Republican, Rep. Joe Wilson, yelled “you lie” in the middle of the speech.