Obama to Send Congress “The American Jobs Act”

This evening, President Obama will do more than call for job creation, he will announce he is sending legislation to Congress for quick action.

“The president will unveil tonight The American Jobs Act, a plan of bipartisan ideas to create jobs right now and is fully paid for,” Communications director Dan Pfeiffer told ABC News.

The final price tag is still being calculated but it could reach $400 billion, paid for by savings elsewhere in government.

And it is crafted to appeal to Republicans who have control of the House, where all money bills must begin their legislative track.

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on “Good Morning America” the specifics “will create jobs. They’ll get teachers back to work. First responders back to work. Construction workers, it will get money into small businesses. And the  American people will see a tax cut with a payroll extension.”

Daley adds special emphasis will be on tax breaks for smaller companies which hire:  ”It will help the long-term unemployed and help small businesses hire veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan at a time where there is a growing unemployment rate among veterans.”

The president will send The American Jobs Act to Congress in a few days.