Rick Perry Endorsed by Nev. Gov. Brian Sandoval

Rick Perry has picked up a second endorsement from a governor in just two days with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, whose state will play a crucial role in the Republican primary, voicing his support for the Texas governor.

“Today I am proud to endorse my friend @GovernorPerry campaign for President,” Sandoval tweeted.

“Our nation needs a leader in the White House who understands the role of government and our economy. Governor Rick Perry has the strongest record of job creation, fiscal discipline, and executive branch leadership among the presidential candidates. As a governor, Rick Perry created a tremendous blueprint for job creation and as President, I know he will get America working again. I consider Governor Perry a friend and I am proud to endorse his campaign for President,” Sandoval wrote on his Facebook page.

Perry has yet to set foot in Nevada this campaign season, but he has visited several western states, including California and Colorado.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, campaigned in Nevada last week when he unveiled his jobs plan in Las Vegas.  Romney won Nevada in the 2008 Republican presidential primary with more than half the vote, due in large part to a significant turnout by Mormons at the polls.

Perry issued a statement today saying, “”I am honored to receive Gov. Sandoval’s endorsement and am thankful for his support as I travel the country sharing my vision for how we will get America working again.”