Anita Perry Sympathizes with Unemployed Worker Citing Son’s Resignation from Bank

In an attempt to sympathize with unemployed workers in South Carolina Friday, Anita Perry likened her son’s resignation from an investment banking job to the frustration felt by the unemployed in America.

An audience member at Dyers Diner in Pendleton, S.C. explained that he lost his six figure job and now works at an hourly rate, according to attendees at the event.

Anita Perry talks to the crowd during a "Welcome Home Rally" for her husband, Republican presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick Perry, at Abel's on the Lake, Aug. 20, 2011, in Austin, Texas. (Michael Thomas/AP Photo)

The struggle to find a well paying job changed his outlook on unemployment in this country.

“I used to be looking at people ‘ah you deserved what you got.’ I used to be that way, I’m just being completely honest, you know the reason you’re in a bad situation is because you’re just a loser,” the audience member said. “I was a mean guy. I thought you went out and got that big bonus because you worked hard and that God didn’t give it to me, I got it. You know so, it’s a different thing.”

Perry, wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, proceeded to tell him she sympathized with him and shared her frustration that her son had to quit his job at Deutsche Bank after federal regulations barred him from campaigning for his father, as seen in this video provide by the superPAC American Bridge, which tracks Republican candidates.

“Our son had resigned his job because of the federal regulations that Washington has put on us,” Anita said. “He resigned his job 2 weeks ago. Because he can’t go out and campaign for his father because of SEC regulations.”

Last week, Griffin Perry told ABC News he quit his job at Deutsche Bank to open a consulting firm, which would allow him to campaign more on behalf of his father, but he did not mention any federal regulations steering his decision.

Griffin Perry is campaigning in Florida Saturday and will attend a picnic for the Hispanic Republican Club of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties as well as touring the Tampa Gun Show and touring the Hillsborough County Fair.