Elizabeth Warren Describes Herself as ‘Elite Hick’

This time in Massachusetts its audio of Elizabeth Warren saying something some would consider to be insensitive.

Warren was speaking to a liberal Massachusetts podcast when she addressed the fact that she hails from Oklahoma, but is being painted by Republicans in the state as an elite Harvard professor.

“I’m a new category, an elite hick,” said Warren, on the “Left Ahead” podcast. “I don’t even know what to say about that one,” she said, laughing.

Hot Mike Ball then came back to the word “hick,” saying he had been called that in his lifetime too.

“If you’re going to be in the Senate, and we would like you to, as a fellow person who was born in Oklahoma and raised in West Virginia, I’ve been called a hick myself a lot. I’ve got to say I’d love to see you in office,” said Ball.

“I’m going for the hick vote here,” Warren answered. “I just want you to know. Maybe we could start wearing stickers that say ‘Hicks for Elizabeth’ – could we do that?” she asked.

Listen to the audio, posted on Youtube, here.

Warren later added something about her message, which she said will about investment in government in “non-sexy” things like roads and bridges and sewage systems in addition to education.

“For me its about that core question: “What kind of a world do we want? do we really want a world that is run for those who have already made it – GE legally can pay nothing in taxes … or do we want an America where we believe that this is about is opporunity and we blieve that when you make it big you put something back in so that others can make it big…”

“I think that’s something that resonates with a lot of people,” Warren said. “And it kind of transcends being a hick and it kind of transcends being a fancy pants professor.”

Listen to the entire 40 minute podcast on the “Left Ahead” website.

“Left Ahead,” the liberal podcast, wrote glowingly about her comments and self-effacement.

But Massachusetts GOP Communications Director Tim Buckley had a different position.

“Professor Warren’s insulting use of the word ‘hick’ offers a revealing prism into her elitist and arrogant worldview. Massachusetts voters deserve an explanation about just who Professor Warren was referring to when she spoke of winning the ‘hick vote.’”

Earlier this month there was a minor flap in Massachusetts recently when Sen. Scott Brown said, “Thank God,” his chief challenger, Democrat Elizabeth Warren did not pose nude like him to pay for college.

Read more about Brown’s comments here.

Warren is the clear favorite to win the Democratic nomination and challenge Brown for the seat in Nov. 2012. With two big-name candidates, that race would be one of the most scrutinized in the country.