Herman Cain Responds to Limited-Edition ‘Black Walnut’

At the Faith and Freedom Rally in Circleville, Ohio Thursday, ABC News asked Herman Cain about the ice cream flavor he’s compared himself to literally being the flavor of the month. Cain was unfazed by the question, and says that it’s still his favorite flavor.

“Well I was very disappointed to find out that it’s a limited edition and they don’t make Haagen Dazs the way they used to, so I’m heartbroken over that,” said Cain. “I now have my people calling Haagen Dazs, finding out why they don’t make Haagen Dazs ice cream, when they’re going to bring it back, because it has always been my all time favorite.”

Cain then got serious on the flavor of the week jabs.

“The point that I was making is, my campaign represents substance, which is why it’s not going to be a flavor of the week. When people hear me talk, they hear me talk about a specific solution for fixing the economy — 9-9-9,” he said. “They hear me talk about a specific solution for fixing social security — option personal retirement accounts. They hear me talking about a specific approach to foreign policy — peace through strength and clarity — determining who our friends are, determining who our enemies are and then let the rest of the world know who our friends are that we’re going to stand by.

“When you listen to many of the other candidates, you hear a lot of generic responses to what we need to do. I have been specific all along and I believe that’s the substance that people like and I think that’s the substance that people are gravitating to,” Cain added.

Not to worry though: Cain says, “I’m gonna get my Haagen Dazs, my black walnut back!”