Huntsman Campaign $550K in the Red

Jon Huntsman’s FEC numbers reveal that the GOP candidate is $890,000 in debt, with only $327,000 on hand. Even with $2.25 million coming from the candidate himself, the campaign has spent more than it’s taken in, with $4.51 million in total receipts and $4.18 million in total disbursements.

One month before announcing his official candidacy, Huntsman told reporters, “ If we were to get in the race – no self-financing. … Unless you can raise it legitimately, you’re not going to win.”

Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said the campaign is still confident its candidate will win the GOP presidential nomination.

“Gov. Huntsman has the best record and boldest vision for leading this country, and our campaign will have the resources necessary to ensure he will win New Hampshire and go on to the nomination,” Miller said in a written statement. “Since the end of the 3rd quarter, Gov. Huntsman has unveiled a bold foreign policy plan, performed strongly in the debates and seen positive momentum in every New Hampshire poll. Our campaign has reorganized to become more nimble with a focus on success in New Hampshire and our fundraising this first two weeks of this quarter has reflected that.

Still, Miller admitted the campaign was not expecting such a low fundraising number.

“We did not file a Q2 fundraising report,” Miller said. “The actual results did not match the pledges our campaign had received, so we fell below our anticipated fundraising total. “