Jon Huntsman to Unveil Foreign Policy Plan in New Hampshire

Jon Huntsman will deliver his first major foreign policy speech in New Hampshire next week, ABC News has confirmed, at Southern New Hampshire University’s Walker Auditorium Oct. 10 at 11 a.m. The event is hosted by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire.

“At a turbulent time on the world stage, Gov. Huntsman is the only candidate in the race with hands-on foreign policy experience,” Huntsman’s New Hampshire spokesman Michael Levoff  told The Union Leader. “He will offer a visionary, modern and nimble foreign policy that will both make us safer and expand our economic interests, creating jobs here at home.”

In May, Huntsman delivered the University of New Hampshire’s commencement address in which he boasted about his overseas experience, both in the private sector and as an ambassador. “Three weeks ago, I stepped off the plane from China, after living in that dynamic country for two years,” Huntsman said. “Coming home after living 10,000 miles away gives you a certain perspective. I have lived overseas four times before, and don’t worry, I have a U.S. birth certificate. But every time I live in a foreign place, I’ve learned something about America.

“I believe America’s values are stronger than her challenges,” Huntsman said. ” This country truly does have the democratic and economic resiliency to change without breaking. And civility acts as a lubricant to make the system work.”