Rick Perry Releases First Round of Ads in Iowa

Rick Perry’s first ad campaign in Iowa of the election cycle carries a positive tone, focusing on the Texas governor’s job creation record while promising to produce at least two and a half million jobs.

“As President, I’ll create at least two and a half million new jobs — and I know something about that,” Perry says in the ad, which will run in Iowa starting Wednesday.

The ad touts Perry’s Texas job creation record and reiterates some of the themes in of the energy plan he unveiled two weeks ago, which aims to expand drilling oil and gas fields, eliminate regulations which impede the production of domestic energy and make American energy independent.

The details of the ad, which mixes graphics of energy projects with video of Perry speaking with workers, were first reported by the Daily Caller.

“In Texas, we’ve created over one million new jobs while the rest of the nation lost over two million. I’ll start by opening American oil and gas fields. I’ll eliminate President Obama’s regulations that hurt other sources of domestic energy like coal and natural gas. That will create jobs and reduce our reliance on oil from countries that hate America,” Perry says in the ad.

“Governor Perry’s new TV ad signals two priorities, American job creation and the families of Iowa,” Ray Sullivan, communications director for the Perry campaign said. “The ad, which will be widely seen on Iowa TV and cable stations, underscores Rick Perry’s commitment to sparking millions of new jobs and his record as America’s jobs governor.”

Sources with knowledge of the ad buy said the Perry campaign will pour approximately $175,000 in an ad buy in Iowa between Oct. 25 and Oct. 31 with the bulk of the ads airing in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Sioux City.

Perry has released a series of web videos since he announced his run for the presidency, but this ad run marks his first advertisements of his presidential run.