“Still a Possibility:” Sarah Palin May Enter The Race

                                                                                                                  Jeff Fusco/Getty Images


ABC News’  Shushannah Walshe ( @shushwalshe)  and John Berman ( @johnsberman)  reports:


According to a source with knowledge of the inner workings of SarahPAC, inside the Palin world it’s still a possibility that she might run. However, as the deadline approaches not even her staff knows what she will decide.

ABC News has separately learned that the Palin team is well aware of the filing deadlines and are keeping abreast of the changes in the deadline. Politico reported Tuesday that a law firm that employs an attorney representing SarahPAC had been making calls to early states inquiring about presidential filing deadlines.  SarahPAC would not confirm the report to ABC News. When reached by ABC News, Mark Braden—the attorney mentioned in the Politico report—would also not comment or confirm the report or that he even works with Palin.

As the days creep toward those state filing deadlines, no new staff has been hired. Her core group of about seven staffers runs the organization while a volunteer group completely independent of SarahPAC called Organize4Palin or O4P tries to lay the groundwork in states, most notably Iowa. Those close to Palin acknowledge the decision is hers to make alone with her husband, Todd, and that she could decide the day before the first filing deadline that she wants to throw her hat in the ring.

However, those filing deadlines are fast approaching. Florida’s, a state she would need to compete in being one of the first, is Oct. 31.  That’s the date it receives the candidate list from the state parties. Just a few days before, on Oct. 28, candidates who want to appear on the ballot for the New Hampshire primary are required to submit a filing fee.