Students Help Out at White House Harvest; ‘Let’s Get Picking!’

On your mark, get set, “Let’s move! Let’s get picking!” Michelle Obama said, as elementary students rushed to help harvest the White House vegetable garden today. 

Students from Bancroft and Tubman Elementary Schools helped the first lady collect vegetables at the third annual harvest of the garden she started to help connect children with the food they eat. The “kitchen garden” has also become an essential component of her “Let’s Move!” initiative.

“You guys ready for some work?” the first lady asked the kids. 

Mrs. Obama got her hands dirty, picking peppers and pulling potatoes out of the ground while the students helped. ”

This one’s a whopper!” one little boy said as he helped the first lady.

Vegetable pizza and salad were on the menu as Obama encouraged children to “just give it a try.” 

Asked why the students were at the White House today, one boy responded “because we have to cook pizza!” 

“Well, pizza is a good reason to be here,” the first lady said. 

Another student stepped in, saying, “We’re here to learn how to be healthy,” to which Obama replied, “Awesome!”  

In addition to today’s meal, the garden provides vegetables for White House functions throughout the year and for the first family’s meals.

“We are going to eat these vegetables, the president, me, Malia, Sasha, Grandma,” the first lady said. White House dog “Bo doesn’t really eat them.”