Top 7 Bizarre Political Ad: Cain’s Smoking Staffer and M.C. Hammer Make the List

ABC News’ Zach Fannin and Z. Byron Wolf report:

It’s a full year before the 2012 general election, but today was a banner day in oddball political advertising.

Two of our Top 7 Bizarre political ads were released in the past week. One, which we’ve already written a lot about, features Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff defiantly smoking a cigarette. We couldn’t think of another time when a politician or politico so unabashedly showed off their habit.

Another, featuring M.C. Hammer and that bearded San Francisco Giants pitcher, reprises Hammer’s 2 1991 hit Legit 2 Quit for San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Without further ado – the Top 7 Bizarre Political Ads: