Democratic Win in Rep. Eric Cantor’s District Has Virginia Eyebrows Raised

What does the election of a Democrat as county prosecutor in Henrico, Va. – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s district –  mean for the Republican House Majority Leader?

Probably not much.

But Democrats are using it as an opportunity to argue there could be trouble for Cantor in his own back yard.

The Washington Post went into some detail on the county attorney race won by Democrat Shannon Taylor on Tuesday, noting that she benefitted from a split Republican ticket. A former Republican ran as an independent. Cantor and other top Republicans in the state actually lost their seats on the Henrico County Republican committee.

Added Jeff Schapiro, the senior political reporter at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in a video column: “Eric Cantor wants to run the country. He can’t even run his own county,”

Schapiro suggested that Democrats might this year find a candidate who can “take a real run at Cantor.”

Cantor, it should be noted, won with 59 percent of the vote in 2010. But that is the lowest margin of victory in his congressional career.