Gingrich Cracks Double Digits in ABC-Post News Poll

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has gained ground in the 2012 presidential campaign. He registered 12 percent support in an ABC News-Washington Post poll out this morning.

This is the former House speaker’s first time out of the single digits in the poll. He was polling at around 6 or 7 percent before.

“Any progress is good progress,” spokesman R.C. Hammond said. “What we’re looking to do is continually march toward the caucus and put forth ideas and solutions.”

The poll put Gingrich almost even with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who was at 13 percent. Former Massachusetts Gov.  Mitt Romney stayed steady at 24 percent, and business executive Herman Cain saw an increase to 23 percent from 16 percent, despite his recent troubles.

The Gingrich campaign raised more than $1 million in October, its best fundraising month.

“We’re seeing steady growth and that’s important,” Hammond said. “We’ve got a growing base and we’re seeing three out of every four donors coming in is a new a person.”

The Gingrich campaign is investing in staff and infrastructure in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. Hammond said the campaign is seeing a large grassroots movement in South Carolina and it’s also focusing on the Hispanic vote in Florida.

One interesting note about those polled: When asked about changing their mind on a candidate, 45 percent said there is a good chance they’ll do so.

“Our goal is to make sure that the time for voters to latch onto Newt as their candidate will be when it’s time to vote and caucus,” Hammond said. “As long as we’re seeing steady progress, that means we’re on track, we’re not looking to have everyone on board by a certain date.”

Gingrich has also shown a strong third-place in other polls. In a Quinnipiac University poll that was released Wednesday, for instance, Gingrich was in third place at 10 percent. Also, when Republicans were asked to pick a winner of the GOP debates so far, 25 percent selected Gingrich and 24 percent selected Romney in second place.

Gingrich will debate Herman Cain Saturday in Houston.