Gingrich Wins Over 8 Year-Old Aspiring Reporter

A pint-sized citizen who believes she is old enough to vote and wants to be a journalist when she grows up turned out to Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s book signing in Naples, Fla., today to ask him some questions.

Katrina Russell, an “eight and a half year-old” third grader, said she wanted to learn more about Gingrich and now that she has, she claims she’s going to vote for him. Katrina came with her mother Virginia Russell, who is still an undecided Republican voter.

“I had some curiosities so when I heard that he was here my mom said ‘Hey let’s go get some books signed and ask some questions.”

She bought the “Sweet Land of Liberty” book for Gingrich and his wife Callista to sign. When it was her turn, she gave Gingrich her questions on note cards and asked him to answer them. She said she wrote them in different colors so she could remember in what order to ask them.

Gingrich paused the line of about 500 people waiting to have books signed to take Katrina’s questions. He leaned in endearingly, with his hand to his cheek, letting down his usual gruff Speaker of the House guard.

“Have you met a president? If so who was your favorite one?”

“My favorite president is George Washington,” Gingrich said. “I’ve met Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Obama and myself, but I’m not president yet but with your help I might be.”

“If you become president, will you order Godfather’s Pizza?”

“I like Herman Cain. Godfather’s Pizza is good. I eat too much pizza. I’m not supposed to eat too much pizza. Do you like Godfather’s Pizza?” Gingrich asked.

“I haven’t had it before,” Katrina said.

“Well, I will tell Herman Cain that you should get some Godfather’s Pizza,” Gingrich said.

Katrina asked him one last question before moving on.

“If you have pets, what are you going to do with them?”

“I don’t have pets right now, but I love pets,” Gingrich said. “We used to have dogs which I like a lot. Maybe if when we get to the White House we might get a dog.”

Katrina told ABC News she was surprised Gingrich didn’t have any pets, but she told the press why he won her over.

“He’s a good person and I know he’ll make good laws and he’ll set the U.S.A to some peace. He’s just a really good person and that’s why I’m voting for him,” Katrina said.

Gingrich didn’t have the heart to tell her she wasn’t old enough to vote yet, but as for being a reporter, Katrina has quite the head start.

“Some day if you work hard you’ll grow up and be one of these folks,” Gingrich said as he pointed to the gaggle of cameras pointed in her direction.