John Coale Now Advising Herman Cain

John Coale, a Washington lawyer and husband of Fox News Channel’s Greta van Susteren, is friends with Herman Cain and now informally advising the embattled candidate as he faces allegations by a Georgia woman of a 13-year consensual affair.

Coale described Cain’s state of mind while dealing with the allegations as “upset that this has come up, as anybody would be.”

On a conference call with staff this morning, which Coale was on although his role is unpaid, Cain said he is reassessing his campaign and whether to stay in the race in light of these new allegations.

Coale said Cain has asked him for advice on whether to stay in the race, but he didn’t reveal details of the conversation.

“He’s assessing it and it’s up to him. We’ll see,” Coale said.

Coale met Cain about eight months ago and forged a friendship over dinners where they chatted about politics.  Coale is also a friend and informal advisor to Sarah Palin.

Van Susteren had an exclusive interview with Cain’s wife, Gloria, earlier this month and they spoke about the sexual harassment allegations plaguing her husband. Gloria Cain told Van Susteren her husband “totally respects women.”

Coale also confirmed that Cain cancelled a private dinner thrown by New York Post columnist Cindy Adams in New York City planned for this Sunday. Among those invited were Coale’s wife and other  journalists and politicians, including ABC’s Barbara Walters,  NBC’s Matt Lauer, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, CBS’s Lesley Stahl, and Senator Chuck Schumer. Coale said the dinner will “possibly be rescheduled.”

A source within the Cain campaign said Cain cancelled the dinner that was going to be held at Adams’ Park Avenue apartment because “he has a lot of work to do, talking to his staff, and all that.”

The same source said Cain is “moving forward” amidst the new allegations.

“You just keep moving forward and see what happens. I mean what else can he do? He just has to move forward,” the source said. “Herman is giving a speech today on foreign policy and moving forward.”