No Backing Down from Cain, Election Day 2011, Rick Perry’s Iran Advice, and the French Open Mic Incident… Since the AM Note

Since the AM Note ABC News and Yahoo! Conducted live interviews with the eight major presidential candidates.

ABC / Yahoo! – See video of all the interviews and the individual stories that resulted from each one here:

Amy Walter’s analysis: What we learned from the interviews:

1)            Herman Cain isn’t backing down.

2)            There were worse things said about Obama than Cain.

Cain said Sharon Bialek is lying:

And then he went out and said it again in more detail:

Cain: “As far as these accusations causing me to back off and maybe withdraw from this primary race, ain’t gonna happen, because I am doing this for the American people and for the children and the grandchildren.”

Gingrich said Cain should “answer the charges.”

Romney said the allegations were “particularly disturbing.”

Cain followed his interview with ABC with a press conference in Tucson. And he came armed against celebrity attorney Gloria Allred with his own celebrity attorney, Lin Wood (former clients include John Ramsey, Gary Condit).

Iran Overthrow – Rick Perry said Obama should have done more to overthrow the regime in Iran. Obama, he said, missed an opportunity. Perry criticized President Obama’s handling of relations with Iran, saying he was “naively having conversations “naively having conversations with the Syrians and the Iranians rather than using both diplomatic and economic, covert or even civic opportunities to overthrow this oppressive regime. He missed a great opportunity.”… “I think the United States needed to be actively involved in taking that oppressive regime out of control of Iran, we had an opportunity and we missed it.” More from Arlette Saenz:

Election Day 2011 – Voters are voting. Of special importance are the Mississippi “personhood amendment,” the Ohio Collective Bargaining repeal and the balance of power in the swing state of Virginia. Huma Khan’s overview:

2012 Snapshot – Here’s a year-out look at fundraising and infrastructure from Elizabeth Hartfield.

“First things first: fundraising. So far $167.1 million has been raised on behalf of all of the candidates running for president in 2012. President Obama’s fundraising accounts for more than half of that total. As of September 30, 2011 his re-election campaign had taken in $86.2 million. The combined amount accrued by leading eight GOP candidates is $80.9 million.

“And what about time spent on the ground? We’re still two months out from the first voting contest of the primary season and already the GOP candidates have amassed over 771,000 miles on the road and taken 465 trips to the first three states — Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Some 222 trips have been made to Iowa,  172 to New Hampshire and 71 to South Carolina.”

How Many States Don’t Have a District Map? 19 – From Amy Bingham: Nineteen states are still entrenched in redistricting battles, as Democrats and Republicans duke it out in state legislatures, independent commissions and state and federal courts for district maps that could give them an edge in the next decade’s elections.

“If you really like politics, this is really the heart of it,” said David Berman, a senior research fellow at Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy. “There is nothing more political – Democrat or Republican – than redistricting.”

Back to the ABC / Yahoo! Interviews –

Elizabeth Warren, Socialist? – Ron Paul was read Elizabeth Warren’s viral defense of government and responded that she’s a socialist.

And that led to his argument against a federal highway system – “By the use of force… the government comes with a gun and they take money from you and they build a highway that incidentally you can use because you don’t have any other choices.”

Mount Garfield – Michele Bachmann said she’d put James Garfield, who was only in office about 200 days, up on the big rock because he came straight from the House. Either him, or Silent Cal Coolidge, who was in office during the roaring 20s.

From Mitt Romney’s hay allergy to Newt Gingrich’s Abba problem and Jon Huntsman’s Freudian slip on who would play him in a movie (Dumb and Dumber?) – click here:

The Democratic response to our Republican marathon came from DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse on Top Line.

Woodhouse said Romney’s policies are “terrible.”

“It’s going to be a choice between two visions,” Woodhouse told ABC News’s Rick Klein and Amy Walter, “one that says we should invest in things, that will help create jobs and prepare our students and children and workforce for the future, and Republicans who say, ‘No, we can’t. We just can’t do anything anymore to move the country forward. We just have to cut everything. Cut social security, leave seniors out to dry.’”

Jobs Trouble: Fewer Trust Obama – While Democrats say Romney’s policies are “terrible,” ABC’s Jake Tapper reports on some troubling polling news for President Obama. “After jumping ahead of Republicans in Congress by 15 percentage points on whom they trust more to help create jobs, President Obama has returned to parity with his opponents in new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Obama 2012 campaign officials had previously heralded the president’s lead as evidence that his push for his jobs bill was resonating with voters. Citing the ABC News/Washington Post poll indicating that in September, the president held a lead of 49 to 34 percent, senior adviser David Axelrod wrote in a memo released to the press, ‘Trust in creating jobs has gone from a tie in early September to a 15 percent advantage for the President.” In the new poll, however, when asked “Who do you trust to do a better job creating jobs,” 40 percent of respondents cited President Obama and 40 percent cited the Republicans in Congress. More from Tapper:

Open Mic Heard ‘Round the World – Bachmann wanted an apology for Bibi Netanyahu.

McCain said people oughta lose their jobs.

Offshore Drilling – The White House today announced that it is opening up new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska, allowing for development of “more than 75 percent of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and gas resources on the [Outer Continental Shelf],” according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. While the program plans 15 offshore lease sales from 2012 to 2017, it keeps the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards off-limits thus allowing the White House to walk a fine line between pleasing drilling proponents and appeasing environmentalists who oppose increased drilling. More from Mary Bruce:

“We Can’t Wait,” Head Start Edition – Continuing his executive action campaign, President Obama today announced new rules for recipients of federal Head Start funding and attacked Republicans for failing to act on his education reform agenda.