Sharon Bialek: Herman Cain Not Fit for President ‘Until He Tells the Truth’

Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The latest woman to come forward and accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment told me that the Republican presidential candidate needs to come clean at his press conference and apologize.

Sharon Bialek said Cain, who will hold a presser in Scottsdale, Arizona today, isn’t fit to be president “until he tells the truth.”

“It’s not too late that he can step forward and just end this, just end it. I don’t want to be here, I don’t think anyone wants to, just end it, let’s move forward,” Bialek said. “But unfortunately I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen today.”

Yesterday Bialek became the first woman to go public with her accusations against Cain. Standing with her attorney, Gloria Allred, Bialek alleged that during the summer of 1997 Cain sexually harassed her in his car, touching her leg and pushing her head towards his crotch.

The Cain campaign accused her of lying, and asked if Bialek was paid or promised a job if she spoke out. 

“I was not paid to come forward, nor was I promised any employment,” Bialek said.

She said she went public because it was “the right thing to do,” adding that Allred took the case pro bono.

Bialek, a former employee at the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, said she saw Cain recently at a Tea party rally outside Chicago and decided to approach him “to face the demon.”

“I shook his hand, he did remember me and he looked a little uncomfortable and he had to go on stage, he was whisked away,” she said on “GMA.”

The Cain campaign is making Allred part of the story, because of her past support for Democratic campaigns. Allred said “that dog won’t hunt,” and was adamant that politics don’t influence her decision to take these cases.

“I have criticized Democratic men, I have criticized Republican men, I have criticized men who have no party who have sexually harassed women… It’s not about politics, it’s about this wrong that is an injustice to women,” Allred said.

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