Updates From Herman Cain’s Campaign

The Herman Cain Campaign

A few things from Herman Cain‘s campaign:

– Cain had breakfast and a private foreign policy briefing in New York this morning with Henry Kissinger. The New York trip was not on Cain’s public schedule.

– His campaign says it has raised $1.2 million since the harassment story broke in Politico Sunday night.  This is nearly half of what they raised in the entire third quarter.

– As for reports of a $45,000 settlement to one of his accusers, a campaign spokesman says only, “We’re getting tired of dealing with a woman named anonymous.”  The spokesman said it is part of “a continued smear campaign.”

– And, despite Mark Block’s latest interview on Fox News, the campaign is standing by its accusation that the Perry campaign was behind the story.

– The campaign is now preparing a statement on Iran.