Any Other Skeletons in Gingrich’s Closet? “Not That I Know Of”

TAPPER: I’ve spoken to a lot of Republicans, voters across the country and also Republican operatives and staffers in Washington, DC, who like you, who want to support you, but they have two concerns. The first concern is they worry that even though you are a familiar figure that maybe there are still skeletons in your closet that we don’t know about. And they would come out and that would help elect President Obama should you be the nominee. Are there any skeletons that we don’t know about?

GINGRICH: Not that I know of. I mean, again, given the nature of the modern world whatever is there I’m sure will come out in the end. But to the best of my knowledge people know an immense amount about me. Probably more than any candidate who is running. I think people have dealt with and thought through whether or not they could support me.

-Jake Tapper