Bobby Jindal Joins Rick Perry on Iowa Bus Tour

MAQUOKETA, Iowa - Texas Gov. Rick Perry was joined by a fellow southern governor in Iowa Tuesday as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal traveled to the state to campaign with the presidential candidate he endorsed in September.

"The reality is there are going to be a lot of people running for president who can give a great speech, and a lot of people who come out of Washington, D.C., and I'm here to help support Rick Perry because I think we've got to elect somebody who's actually run his state," Jindal said at a meet and greet at the Decker Hotel here.

Jindal, whose state borders Texas, listed the reasons he supports Perry and recounted the assistance Perry offered to Louisiana during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, saying the Texas governor presented an evacuation plan to him before any federal agency.

"The reason I can stand here and tell you that we can support Rick Perry to be our next president of the United States," Jindal said. "He is a governor that has led. He will not need on the job training."

Jindal not only heaped praise on the Texas governor, but he also threw Perry a lifeline when the Texas governor stumbled in explaining a portion of his tax plan.

A voter asked Perry if the standard deduction would still exist if someone opts to use his proposed 20 percent flat tax, and after Perry mistakenly responded no, Jindal chimed in, reminding the Texas governor the standard deduction would still be in place.

"Thank you for correcting me on that governor, not that I ever make a mistake," Perry joked. "But it's always good to have Bobby here to correct me."

Perry spent a good portion of his speech chastising the EPA and expounding upon his energy plans. Though he did not name any of his rivals by name, he criticized those working for K Street and Wall Street, a theme he introduced Monday, and also noted that he doesn't understand the difference between a consultant and lobbyist, a direct jab at Newt Gingrich.

Jindal will join Perry at each of his events in Iowa Tuesday and Wednesday.