Iowa State Lawmaker Introduces Rick Perry As 'Governor of California'

CLARINDA, Iowa - Someone had an "oops" moment Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn't Texas Gov. Rick Perry. During a meet and greet at the Glenn Miller Museum here, Iowa State Rep. Rich Anderson accidentally introduced Perry as the "governor of California."

"His public service has been serving as a second generation Air Force member and, of course, as the governor of the state of California," Anderson said as the crowd started to laugh, and he realized his mistake. "Excuse me, have you ever been on stage in public with cameras bearing down on you and said something that didn't make sense? Has that ever happened to you?"

"Yes, sir," Perry said laughing.

"Never has it happened to me," Anderson joked. "He's been governor of a big state."

In his remarks later, Perry had some fun at Anderson's expense when he discussed his record as governor of Texas, not California.

"I've signed six balanced budgets as the governor of the second most populous state, second most populous state in the nation," Perry said as he turned around to point at Anderson. "And the state that goes and recruits from that other state to bring their businesses back to my home state."