Mitt Romney's Boys Stump for Their Dad in N.H.

WINDHAM, N.H. - The Romney boys have taken to the campaign trail in support of father Mitt in the countdown to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary next month.

Stopping at the Windham Junction Restaurant here today, four of Mitt Romney's five sons shook hands with voters, posed for pictures and spoke about why they believe their father is the best man for the presidency.

Tagg, Josh, Craig and Matt Romney - and even one grandson - packed in a small crowd in the quaint eatery. Josh Romney, 36, spoke on behalf of the brothers.

"My dad is my hero," he said. "He's taught me everything I know about being a father, about loving this country, and about raising a family. And so for me to be out on the campaign trail and talk about him and share stories about my dad with other people is a thrill for me. I love it."

Romney referred to his father as "the turnaround guy," discussing his professional and personal life and the qualities he believes his dad possesses to run the country.

"We're at a point now where we've spent too much money, we're borrowing our kids future and we need a turnaround," he said. "We need someone with my dad's expertise. The background he has is perfectly aligned with what we need in this country. And I know that's why you're here, because you recognize that."

Romney spoke about the impact his late grandfather - auto executive and Michigan Gov. George Romney - had on dad Mitt, saying that it was his grandfather's influence that cultivated his own father's leadership qualities.

Speaking about a summer as an intern at Bain Capital, the Boston-based, asset-management firm his father co-founded in 1984, Romney fondly remembered being in awe of his dad. "I got to go to work for the whole summer and see the type of person my dad was," he said. "See the type of leader he was and see the respect he had. It was a big shock for me.

 "I couldn't believe people respected my dad. I was 16 and he was the dad we liked to tease and you go to the office, and here's this guy that's so well respected and was such a great leader. It was a great experience for me and I've been able to see that ever since."

Romney also talked about the energy and drive his father had, joking about family vacations where Mitt Romney was always on the go, waiting with an itinerary and activities for the family to do, when everyone was ready to lie out on the beach. A quality he said Washington could use now: "the ability to get things done."

"With all of his qualities and everything he has, the one thing about him is he's tremendously cheap," the son said, "which we learned as kids, never to go to my dad if you needed money to go to the movies."

He said, "Congress is going to learn pretty quickly that they're not going to want to go to my dad for money either and they're in for a rude awakening if they go and ask for a credit extension or more money. My dad does not like to waste money."

The sons welcomed questions and comments from the crowd. They didn't receive any in-depth questions, with Josh Romney quipping, "a lot of you have probably met with my dad, so you've heard the real stuff. We give the fake answers."

The sons rounded out their first campaign stop by thanking the owners of the establishment for hosting the event. "What we need in this country right now is a man of principle and of conviction," Josh Romney said, "a man who has the experience to turn things around, a man who really will take this country and make sure it remains the hope of the world, and that man is Mitt Romney."

Romney's sons will campaign in New Hampshire through Thursday, with several campaign stops scheduled. The sons acknowledge that they're in the home stretch and Josh Romney said he is optimistic about how his dad is doing in the race to the GOP nomination: "My dad is best equipped to beat President Obama."