‘Obama Classic’ Delayed by NBA Return

The “Obama Classic” – an exhibition basketball game  that doubles as a campaign fundraiser – has been benched until 2012.

President Obama’s re-election campaign announced Thursday in an email to donors that the highly publicized event, which includes more than two dozen past and present NBA stars, will be rescheduled for next summer, thanks to the resolution of the pro-basketball league lockout. The game had been slated for Dec. 12.

Supporters who each paid between $200 for general admission seats and $5,000 for courtside seats were told their tickets would still be honored at the future event. The Obama campaign declined to say how many tickets had been sold for the game, which was planned for an undisclosed Washington, D.C., sports venue.

“We’re sorry to delay the event, but it’s safe to say this game will be worth waiting for. It’s going to be a great time,” reads the email to supporters. It was signed by NBA stars Vince Carter, Baron Davis and Chris Paul. All three are confirmed to play in the game.