Occupy Iowa Protesters Plan 'Anti-Caucus'

"Occupy" protesters from across the country will descend on Des Moines, Iowa, tonight  for a "People's Caucus" to determine how best to target and disrupt the GOP presidential campaigns in the week leading up to the Iowa caucuses.

Jessica Reznicek, a leader of Occupy Des Moines and now Occupy the Caucuses, said protesters tonight will split into different "affinity groups" and pick which presidential campaign headquarters they will be occupying for the next few days.

"Those affinity groups will work together to write a statement of grievance to that particular candidate," Reznicek said. "They will go through non-violent training to try and understand what they are getting into and how to handle themselves once they get there [headquarters]."

Hundreds of activists, mainly from Iowa and nearby Midwestern states, are expected to occupy both the inside and outside of campaign offices, interrupt campaign events and present candidates with a long list of grievances. The non-violent protests will begin Wednesday and continue until the Iowa caucuses next Tuesday in an attempt to change the political dialogue.

Organizers says they have no plans to disrupt the actual caucuses.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.