Romney Boasts of VA Ballot Qualification as Gingrich Reportedly Scrambles

Just a few hours after Politico reported that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is scrambling to get enough signatures to get his name on Virginia's primary ballot, Mitt Romney posted an informal web video of him and his wife Ann at their kitchen counter, flipping through his own election paperwork.

"Just signed the paperwork to get on the ballot in Virginia," Romney says to what appears to be a cell phone camera, waving the stack of documents in the air. "Lots of volunteers put in lots of hours."

"Some 16,000 signatures," says Romney, who is filmed as he stands at his kitchen counter with Ann, remnants of dinner preparations spotted off to the side. "That's just fabulous."

It was not immediately clear whether Romney's timing was just coincidental, or if the video had been filmed to poke fun at Gingrich.

When asked about the report that Gingrich is still trying to get enough signatures for the ballot, Gingrich campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond told ABC News: "We are mobilizing volunteers across the country, some are hard at work organizing precincts, others collecting signatures.  They're doing a great job."

Virginia is a state with one of the toughest thresholds for candidates looking to get on the ballot, requiring signatures from 10,000 qualified voters in the state, including at least 400 qualified voters from each of the state's 11 congressional districts. According to Virginia's Board of Elections it is recommended that a candidate get 15,000 to 20,000 signatures with at least 700 from each congressional district "because many people who are not registered will sign a petition."

The primary filing deadline is Dec. 22, and Virginia's primary is scheduled for March 6 - Super Tuesday.

"Thanks so much you guys, looking forward to seeing you and winning in Virginia," Romney says at the close of his web video.

"Thank you!" Ann chimes in at the end.

Romney took to Twitter to promote the video - which is posted on the video sharing site "Tout," sharing a link from his account along with the message, "Thanks to all the volunteers in Virginia for your hard work gathering over 16,000 signatures!"

Watch the video here:

ABC News' Elicia Dover contributed to this report.