Angry Newt Gingrich Attacks Mitt Romney in Florida

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Newt Gingrich is hopping mad today on the campaign trail in Florida.  At a Tea Party rally in Mount Dora in Central Florida, he launched his fiercest verbal assault against Mitt Romney to date.

"There is something so grotesquely hypocritical about the Romney campaign," he said.

Asked by this reporter whether he was angry, he said, "I am angry and every American should be angry" about Romney's attacks.

"The message we should send to Mitt Romney is we aren't that stupid and you aren't that clever," he said.

He peppered such comments with lots of talk about Swiss bank accounts (where Romney used to keep some of his money) and the Cayman Islands (where he still does).

"To have his campaign take on a lifetime of work and lie about it, frankly I do find infuriating. I think it is one of the most dishonest things I've see in politics. It is so fundamentally abusive," Gingrich said.