Romney's Dog on the Roof, Remembered: The Campaign Sideshow in S.C. and N.H

For those who thought Iowa, with its odd caucuses and endless cornfields, was quirky, check out New Hampshire and South Carolina. As the GOP candidates descend on the next two primary states today, the Granite and Palmetto states churned up some rather unusual welcome signs.

Greeting Mitt Romney at a campaign stop in South Carolina today was a stuffed-animal dog pinned to a dog cage that was pinned to the roof of a van. A Romney protester stood nearby with a sign that read "Dogs Against Romney."

ABC's Emily Friedman tweeted this photo of the protester:

                                                                                                                       Image Credit: Emily Friedman/ABC

The spectacle was an obvious play off a Boston Globe story that ran during Romney's 2008 presidential campaign that detailed a Romney-family road trip 25 years ago. Before embarking on the annual drive from Boston to the family's cabin in Ontario, Canada, Romney apparently strapped the dog carrier, with family dog Seamus inside, to the roof of his car for the duration of the 12-hour drive.

Seamus, an Irish setter, retaliated for the less-than-ideal placement by going to the bathroom on the roof and down the back window of the family's station wagon.

The story outraged animal activists and pet owners, landing Romney in hot water during his last bid for the White House.

While unusual roof decorations turned heads in South Carolina, it was an uncommon car decoration that caught attention in New Hampshire.

ABC's Jake Tapper spotted this hand-painted, van-side greeting for Rick Santorum at a campaign event in the Granite State today.

Jake Tapper/ABC