Eight Months, 18 Debates: Highlights from 2011-2012 GOP Matchups

The 18th national Republican presidential debate is scheduled for this evening. All these GOP get-togethers got you down? Having trouble remembering just when Rick Perry forgot his plan to streamline government or the audience shouted out a shocking suggestion for Americans without insurance?

Here's a reminder of what we've seen over the past eight months and a list of where the candidates will face off next.

May 5: South Carolina

June 13: New Hampshire 

Aug. 11: Iowa 
Sept. 7: California
Sept. 12: Florida
Sept. 22: Florida
Oct. 11: New Hampshire
Oct. 18: Las Vegas
Nov. 9: Michigan
Nov. 12:  South Carolina
Nov. 22: Washington, D.C.
Dec. 10: Iowa
Dec. 15: Iowa

Jan. 7: New Hampshire 6.25 Million Americans Watched the ABC News Republican Debate in New Hampshire

Jan. 8: New Hampshire
Jan. 16: South Carolina

Jan. 19: South Carolina
To Come…

Jan. 23 : Florida Jan. 26: Florida Feb. 22: Arizona March 1: Georgia March 5: California March 19: Oregon