Obama Makes Rare Visit to Chicago Home

CHICAGO - President Obama made a rare and unexpected stop by his Chicago home tonight just moments after attending a campaign fundraiser a few blocks away.

"It's all my neighbors!" the president said as he greeted roughly 140 supporters at the Hyde Park home of former Bear Stearns executive Stuart Taylor and his wife Evonne Taylor.

The president pointed out old friends in the crowd, including people who helped him get his political start and the couple responsible for him meeting Michelle. Obama described the convivial group as "folks who watched our kids grow up," saying if it weren't for them, he could have never embarked on this journey.

Obama joked that he should stop by his nearby home, which he ultimately did shortly after.

"Is somebody mowing the grass in front of my house?" he asked the crowd at his third and final fundraiser of the night. "I don't want you guys talking about me.  'He's a good President, but nobody's mowing the lawn… Bringing down property values,'" he said to laughter from the group.

As the president rallied his friends and neighbors to back him in 2012 with the same enthusiasm of 2008, he expressed confidence about his re-election. "I won't be back here in that house for another five years," he said.

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