Perry Campaign Makes Romney 'Fire People' Ringtone

PICKENS, S.C. - Coming soon to cell phones near you: Mitt Romney's "I like being able to fire people" line thanks to the Rick Perry campaign who created a 12-second ringtone. The jingle can be found on their website.

Romney made the comment at a campaign stop in New Hampshire while discussing the need for Americans to select their own healthcare providers and services.

Earlier today, Perry slammed Romney for handing out pink slips while heading Bain Capital, offering some of his harshest critiques of the former Massachusetts governor yet.

"There is something inherently wrong when getting rich off failure and sticking it to someone else is how you do your business and I happen to think that's indefensible," Perry said. "If you're a victim of Bain Capital's downsizing, it's the ultimate insult for Mitt Romney to come to South Carolina and tell you he feels your pain because he caused it."