Rick Perry Holds the Line at $25 Haircut

PICKENS, S.C. - There aren't any $400 haircuts for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom some in Texas have dubbed "Governor Goodhair."

"Twenty-five dollars," Perry told reporters when asked how much the cost of a haircut runs him. "Twenty-five dollars, good hair cutter."

As he peeked into Gravely's Barber Shop on Main Street here, Perry marveled at an antique plaque listing prices for an old-fashioned haircut - 40 cents - and told reporters he remembers getting a buzz cut for a mere dollar.

"I could remember getting a haircut for a dollar. Of course, a buzz cut that didn't take long," Perry, 61, said.

During the 2008 election, presidential candidate John Edwards drew heat when a federal report revealed he had spent $400 on haircuts.

Austin-based hairdresser Dixie Gilley has cut Perry's hair for years, as seen in this video that was taped as part of KTRK's Ted Oberg's gubernatorial race series.

"Dixie's been cutting my hair for a couple of years now. She's good with the scissors and laughs at my jokes so I'm always happy to spend some time in that chair," Perry said in the video. "We sit and we have a good visit, catch up on our families. She tells me about her boys. One that's an aviator and flies, so we have a lot in common, just a couple of country kids who happen to live in the city."