Romney Sings Instead of Swipes on Sunshine State's Primary Eve

THE VILLAGES, Fla. - On the eve of the Florida primary, and after days of lobbing insults at Republican presidential rival Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney ignored the former speaker altogether.

Gone were the jabs about Gingrich complaining about debate crowds - Romney has said Gingrich was acting like "Goldilocks" when he complained first about a quiet debate audience and then about one that was too loud.

Not heard were the accusations that Gingrich was "selling influence" during his time consulting for mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

And there were no suggestions that Gingrich "look in the mirror" to examine why Floridians are not throwing their support behind the former speaker.

Instead, Romney sang.

He sang a verse of "America the Beautiful" as hundreds upon hundreds of residents of The Villages sat in lawn chairs listening, many wearing winter coats to ward off the chilly 65 degree weather.

And in what could be called another sign of his confidence in the Sunshine State, Romney will not hold any campaign events on primary day, while Gingrich has several scheduled.