A Pre-Pubescent Newt Supporter Has His Own Obama Talking Point

Newt Gingrich's most-enthusiastic  supporter at the Conservative Political Action Conference  might be a 13-year-old boy.

Waiting in line for a seat to see Gingrich speak at the annual CPAC conference in Washington, Nicholas Cifolelli could barely contain his excitement. He's already met Gingrich once, but not when the Republican presidential primary was  in full throttle.

Nicholas looks his age but talks like a campaign surrogate.

 "During Clinton, he was able to get things done," said Nicholas, who was a year old at the end of the Clinton era.

"I think he  [Gingrich] has the experience he needs," Nicholas said. "He knows how it all works."

 Nicholas'  parents support Rick Santorum, and his younger brother, Alex, is "undecided" between Santorum and Gingrich.

Where does Nicholas get his information? Fox News.

 When Nicholas gets home from school, he sits down in front of the TV, which is usually already set to Fox. Every evening, the Cifolelli family gathers in its Elkton, Md., home to watch Glenn Beck's online show and other Fox programming. The Cifolellis say they hate the "mainstream media."

 "Five till bedtime is Republican time," Nicholas said. 

Nicholas hoped to meet Gingrich again, but he had vivid memories of talking with him at a campaign event last year. Nicholas  asked the former House speaker about the demographics he hoped to court as a candidate, and Gingrich told Nicholas  he was aiming for "commonsense conservatives."

 Upon hearing this, Alex pointed at his older brother and piped in, "Well, he has a little trouble with commonsense." Their parents laugh.

 Nicholas said he wanted to run for office one day. Even though Nicholas can't run  against President Obama, he believes he's got his Obama  talking point nailed: "a socialist puppet of the left-wing, freedom-killing liberal party."