Newt Gingrich on Obama: 'We Know Who He Really Is'

(Image Credit: Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images)

Newt Gingrich took the stage at CPAC this afternoon to a backdrop of two giant pictures of him standing in front of some of his more prominent supporters.

The photo, in a bluish-grayscale, was of Gingrich at the head of a flying-V formation staring into the camera. Behind him were eight people, including Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Fred Thompson - and Chuck Norris.

That was probably appropriate. Gingrich's speech was littered with quick one-two punches and roundhouse kicks aimed squarely at President Obama.

The conservative crowd in Washington cheered as Gingrich promised to "abolish White House czars." They cheered again and again as he vowed to approve the Keystone pipeline, move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, ban money for abortions overseas and repeal "40 percent" of everything Obama has done by the time the president lands in Chicago on the day Gingrich is inaugurated as president.

"Eliminate capital gains," he said to roars. Eliminate the EPA, and change the FDA, he said to applause. "Abolish the death tax," and bring gas down to $2 a gallon, he continued as the audience played along.

Gingrich saved his big guns for the end.

"We want to ensure that no president ever again bows to a Saudi king," he commanded.

If Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke hasn't left office by the time Gingrich takes over, "I will ask Congress to pass a law ending his term," he said. That one actually got some laughs.

Finally, Gingrich promised, Obama will wage war on the Catholic church if he's reelected. "We cannot trust him," Gingrich said. "We know who he really is."

Watch Gingrich's full speech.