Ron Paul Finishes Last in Florida, Says He's Just Getting Started

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul didn't campaign in Florida, run a single ad in the state, or hire a single staffer there.

So it was only fitting that the Texas congressman spent primary day on the other side of the country stumping for votes in Colorado and Nevada.

"We've been having a fantastic trip," said Paul to an energetic crowd in Henderson, Nevada.

Just before appearing on stage, Paul called Mitt Romney and congratulated him on his big Florida win.

"He ran a good campaign, but I also said I'd see him soon in the caucus states," said Paul.

Paul skipped Florida's winner-take-all primary in favor of caucus states where superior organization and passionate supporters play to his strengths.

The congressman acknowledged that his "tireless minority" who "believe in something" will be a force in the upcoming caucuses in Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, and Nevada.

"We've only gotten started, now the counting really occurs," said Paul.

Paul on Wednesday will continue to campaign in Nevada, holding several events centered on outreach to Hispanic voters. The Paul campaign said they are focused on picking up Nevada's 28 delegates by turning out Hispanic voters who make up about a quarter of the population.

On Wednesday night, Ron and his wife Carol will celebrate their 55 th wedding anniversary.  Campaign aides say the two will celebrate with dinner and a show in Las Vegas.