Trump Backs Romney, Says He Won't Let 'Bad Things' Happen

LAS VEGAS - Real estate mogul Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney today in a ballroom of his opulent Las Vegas hotel, saying that Romney won't "allow bad things to continue to happen to us."

"It's my honor, real honor, and privilege, to endorse Mitt Romney," Trump said.

"Mitt is tough, he's smart, he's sharp, he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. So, Gov. Romney, go out and get 'em. You can do it," Trump added.

Romney, in accepting Trump's endorsement, said it was a "delight."

"I'm so honored to have his endorsement and, of course, I'm looking for the endorsement of the people of Nevada," Romney said. "There are some things that you just can't imagine in your life. This is one of them."

Prior to the official endorsement, Trump held not one but two brief news conferences with reporters, during which he said he will not run as an independent if Romney clinches the nomination.

Asked why he endorsed Romney, Trump said he had "numerous meetings" with the former Massachusetts governor and had really come to know him better in the past few months.

"I think his general attitude, but the last two debates were very impressive," Trump said. "I really thought he did really well, plus he's the one person who speaks strongly about China because China is ripping this country like nobody is ripping this country."