Dept. of Silliness: Hank the Cat Attack Ad

Dang N. Le/Hank For Senate/AP Photo

If you haven't been following the independent Virginia senate bid of Hank the Cat in Virginia, you should.

It's ridiculous, obviously. A man trying to run his cat for senate - The cat isn't even 30, so it's not constitutionally qualified.

But looping satire upon farce, there's a well done new superPAC style attack ad out on Hank called "Hank for Senate? No Way".

And it touches on Hank's candidacy in a way that resonates with some of the politics of the day, pointing out that Hank hasn't released his birth certificate and never "responded to allegations he used catnip."

"Would Hank force females to undergo an ultrasound before being spayed?" asks the web video narrator, who also questions whether Hank the cat has used catnip.

And it wonders if "A Maine coon should really be running for senate in Virginia."

The ad was posted by a Virginia-based comedy group called "the bighonkin."