Herman Cain Video Depicts Shooting of Bunny in Anti-Stimulus Message

Since dropping out of the presidential contest, Herman Cain has struggled to carve out a place for himself in the national political dialogue.

Thus far, he's gotten little traction.

His latest attempt to grab the spotlight is a video posted on his website - SickOfStimulus.com that  features a cute girl putting a cute bunny into a catapult. The "bunny" is then propelled through the air and shot like a clay pigeon.

In the video, a girl carrying a fluffy bunny declares  "this is small business". The bunny is then placed onto the top of a catapult. "This is small business on the current tax code, " she says. The next image you see is of an animated bunny getting shot out of the air.

The camera pans back to the girl who asks: "Any questions?"

Much like the 9-9-9 plan, however, the Sick of Stimulus website is light on details. There's no mission statement. No policy papers. Just lots of videos featuring cute kids complicit in the "killing" of innocent animals.

An earlier video featured a girl dumping a goldfish out of its bowl and letting it flop around desperately on the ground. Mark Block, Cain's former campaign manager and current chief of staff, told ABC that the fish was not harmed and was still quite alive.