Ron Paul: 'I Am Trailing but the Race Isn't Over'

Not an interview goes by where Ron Paul isn't asked about the viability of his campaign, and although the Texas congressman usually brushes off the questions by reiterating that he's in it for the long run, Paul got testy when asked why he doesn't just do the "decent thing and pull out" on "Piers Morgan Tonight."

"Why don't you do the decent thing and not pester me with silly questions like that," a fiery Paul replied to host Morgan. "I mean that would be decent of you."

Morgan pointing out that a recent Gallup poll has Paul at 9 percent nationally, and that the congressman has so far collected 71 delegates compared with 569 for Mitt Romney.

"It's way too soon for you to write anybody off," said Paul, pointing out that states such as Maine, Washington, and North Dakota are still working through the process of awarding delegates.

"Through the process, our people are in the right places. They're doing the things to become a delegate," he said.

Not losing a beat, Paul mused about Romney's position as the Republican frontrunner.

"What if Mitt Romney isn't the best person," Paul asked, adding "why should we just throw in the towel because people like you say 'hey, throw in the towel.'"

Taking a dig at Morgan's British roots, Paul said "we fought the British because the British came over here and arrested our American citizens for civil law."

Morgan eventually offered Paul an olive branch.

"I don't want you to throw in the towel, I think you're a national treasure in this country," the host said.

Paul had also remained calm this morning despite it being stated to him in an interview on Bloomberg TV that Romney has vastly more delegates, and that it is "obvious" he is not going to win.

"So far we don't have a declared winner, we have a ways to go," said Paul. "Yes, I am trailing but the race isn't over."