The Note's Must-Reads for Monday, March 5, 2012

Compiled by ABC News' Jackie Fernandez, Jayce Henderson, and Amanda VanAllen

PRESIDENT OBAMA The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold and Peter Wallsten: " Obama allies, foes speculate on a big - and hypothetical - second-term agenda" If President Obama wins a second term, he will finally endorse same-sex marriage. Gay rights groups are almost certain. He will also make a new, historic effort to fight climate change - environmentalists are pretty sure. LINK

MITT ROMNEY ABC News' Rick Klein: "' World News' Political Insights: Mitt Romney's Commanding Super Tuesday Position" The Republican presidential race is about to slow down. Super Tuesday's frenzy of voting across 10 states could lead the race in several different directions. But virtually all of those paths will lead to Mitt Romney winning the nomination. LINK

ABC News' Emily Friedman: " Iran Will Have Nukes If Obama Is Re-Elected, Romney Says" Mitt Romney responded today to President Obama's speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, saying the "president has failed" with sanctions against Iran and warning that if he is re-elected, "Iran will have a nuclear weapon." "This president has failed," Romney said. "I understand he just gave an address today talking about all the great things he's done to provide greater peace and reduce the threat from Iran. LINK

The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg: " Before Super Tuesday, Big Names Rally to Romney" A reluctant Republican Party is increasingly showing signs of rallying around Mitt Romney in the presidential race, with leading members of Congress and influential conservatives signaling that a coast-to-coast burst of voting on Super Tuesday should mark a moment to start concentrating on defeating President Obama. LINK

The Washington Times' Luke Rosiak: " Pro-Romney super PAC solely targets Santorum" With a fresh infusion of cash from a single benefactor, a group running advertisements for presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is back, allowing the candidate a presence before Super Tuesday even as the official campaign lacks resources. LINK

The Boston Globe's Matt Viser: " Rivals attack Mitt Romney ahead of Super Tuesday" Mitt Romney came under fierce assault from his Republican primary opponents yesterday as the campaign headed to the 10-state slate of Super Tuesday contests, with Newt Gingrich charging the former Massachusetts governor with a "breathtaking scale of dishonesty." Romney, fresh from his Saturday night victory in the Washington caucuses - his fourth straight win - campaigned in several states and tried to cast his candidacy with a sense of inevitability, even as his opponents call him a phony who is anything but a conservative standard-bearer. LINK

RICK SANTORUM The New York Daily News' Alison Gendar: " Rick Santorum not high on Ohio victory odds" Republican contender Rick Santorum dialed back expectations for a clean win in Ohio as polls had his lead evaporating and Mitt Romney landed a key endorsement. "It's a tough state for us, only because of the fact of the money disadvantage," Santorum told "Fox News Sunday." LINK

Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown: " 'Snob' control: Karen Santorum guides husband on gaffe" It wasn't just the White House, the editorial boards and the entire Democratic establishment that lashed Rick Santorum over the last week for calling President Barack Obama a "snob" for wanting young people to go to college. Santorum's wife did, too. LINK

OTHER The Los Angeles Times' Mark Barabak: " Republicans grow anxious for primary race to end" Reporting from Cincinnati- After a dozen contests, 20 debates and the prospect of weeks or even months of continued skirmishing, there is a growing clamor among Republicans to bring the presidential nomination race to a close for fear of hopelessly damaging the party's chances against President Obama. LINK

USA Today's Jackie Kucinich: " Ohio GOP voters grow weary of social issues in campaign" Some Republican voters in this key swing state have grown weary of the talk of contraception and religion in the GOP primary campaign. "I think all politicians need to stick to the economy and get away from social issues," said Marty Folger, 52, a banker from Port Clinton, Ohio. LINK

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