Boasting in a Brothel, Romney's Tax Day Advice, John Edwards' Hairdo Downgrade (PM Note)

Happy Tax Day! Romney offers a friendly reminder: "File your taxes or your extension, one or the other." In his case it was the other -

Warren Buffett Has Prostate Cancer - But the billionaire says he "feels great."

Bragging in a Brothel - The Secret Service officials under fire for partying at the "Pley Club" sunk their own careers by blabbing about protecting the president at the brothel, ABC News' Mary Bruce learned exclusively this morning.

Sunlen Miller reports the scandal involved "20 or 21 women foreign nationals."

Neutral No More - After months of remaining mum, House Speaker John Boehner endorses Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination, praising Romney's economic policies. Boehner says he waited to endorse because he wanted every candidate to have a fair shot at the nomination.

Boehner is 'proud' to join the ranks of other House Republican leaders who have already thrown their support behind Romney.

Mitch McConnell quickly follows suit -

Legalization? Not A Chance - Matt Negrin reports that the Obama administration's new drug plan will focus on rehab, not prison sentences for drug users. The administration also repeats, to the chagrin of advocates who have for years sought to make marijuana legal, that "legalization of drugs will not be considered."

Obama Asks Congress for Millions to Fight Prices at the Pump  -

Veepstakes: Chris Christie's Latest Non-Denial Denial: The New Jersey governor said he'd be "extraordinarily arrogant" not to listen if Romney approaches him for VP, but he's "not looking to do it." -

But "Romney-Christie" just doesn't have the same ring as "Romney-Rubio" -

Karl Rove's ' American Crossroads ' Rakes in $76M - Chris Good reports that tax documents reveal the group has received massive donations ever since its inception in 2010.

John Edwards' 'Do Gets a Downgrade: Long gone are the days of $400 haircuts. Edwards is now splurging for a $13 hairdo from Supercuts.

Senate Holds First Racial Profiling Hearing in Post-9/11 Era - Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill: "In the national trauma caused by 9/11, we sometimes sacrificed liberty in the misguided notion that it would keep us safe."

Nugent Gets Nasty - Guitarist/singer Ted Nugent called the Obama administration "vile" and "evil," but Jay Carney says the president "can't be policing the statements of supporters across the board." Jake Tapper asks the White House to weigh in -

And now the Secret Service is investigating -

Journos, Politicos to Go Head-to-Head on "Jeopardy! Power Players Week" -

Upcoming SCOTUS Decisions to Watch - ABC's Ariane de Vogue reports.

Democratic Congressional Committee Out-Raises GOP Counterpart - Elizabeth Hartfield reports that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee beat the National Republican Congressional Committee by about $500k in March.

Sen. Tom Coburn, Republican Budget Hawk, Releases a Book Warning of Economic Crisis -

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