Rudy Giuliani Backs Mitt 'Without a Core' Romney

In the "With Endorsers Like These …" department, Mitt Romney announced today that he's won "the support" of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Here's how the Romney campaign quoted Giuliani in his endorsement statement: "When I look at where we are as a nation and the challenges we face, I am convinced that Mitt Romney will provide a clear contrast to President Obama. … I'm proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all those who worry about our country's future to do the same."

Let's go to the videotape -  specifically, one tape, from December, in which the former New York mayor (who supported Newt Gingrich) rants about Romney's inconsistencies on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" talk show. Some highlights:

"There's something wrong when you've been running as long as Mitt has and you're at 25 percent, and you go don't much above and you don't go much below. Seventy-five percent of the other Republicans are telling you something about him."

"I ran against him in '07, '08. I have never seen a guy - and I've run in a lot of elections, supported a lot of people, opposed them - never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime. Everything."

Giuliani lists: abortion, gun control, cap and trade, the health care mandate.

"He was pro-mandate for the whole country. Then he becomes anti-mandate and takes that page out of his book and republishes the book. I can go on and on. I mean, this is a total switch."

"Now what will Barack Obama do to that? What Barack Obama will do to that is: 'This is a man without a core. This is a man without substance. This is a man who will say anything to become president of the United States. I think that is a great vulnerability."

Giuliani joins a list of Republicans who weren't so crazy about Romney four years ago but now say he is their guy. Most notably, Sen. John McCain - who has stumped for Romney this year - put out an ad in the 2008 primary that said "Mitt Romney's Flip Flops Truly Are Masterpieces."

Mike Huckabee, too, attacked Romney in 2008 but supports him now. He hosted Romney on the inaugural episode of his new radio show this month and even noted that "the GOP regulars seem to be coalescing and coming around the candidacy of Mitt Romney."

In the 2008 ad, though, Huckabee drew attention to the former Massachusetts governor's support of gun control, the health care mandate and abortion - and accused him of shifting positions. "If a man's dishonest to obtain a job, he'll be dishonest on the job," Huckabee said in the ad.

Ah, the sweet smell of coalescing.