Nancy Pelosi Defends Dems Rev. Wright Fundraising Appeal


House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi defended the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on "This Week" for sending a fundraising email that attempted to capitalize on the apparently dead advertising plan to link President Obama to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The plan has been repudiated by Mitt Romney as well as the head of the super PAC reported to have been considering backing the plan.

"Why would we have any regrets?" asked Pelosi, dismissing Romney's rejection of the proposed advertising campaign.

During our interview, Pelosi cited a previous attack by Romney on President Obama using Wright in which the former Bay State governor said  "I'm not sure which is worse: him listening to Rev. Wright or him saying we must be a less-Christian nation" during an interview with Sean Hannity. When asked about these comments in light of the current controversy, Romney stood by them even as he admitted he could not recall exactly what he said.

"He has, he stood by his remarks in February.  So I think maybe it might be useful to see what he said in February and see that he stands by those remarks," Pelosi said.

For his part, House Speaker John Boehner called the DCCC email "nonsense" before quickly stressing that this year's election will be about the economy.

"This kind of nonsense shouldn't happen.  The election's gonna be about the economy and getting Americans back to work.  And I think Governor Romney's prescriptions are much better," he said.

Pelosi joined her House colleague in agreement on this front.

"The election is about three things:  jobs, jobs and jobs," she said.