Obama Focuses on Education in Florida, Nevada TV Ads

President Obama's re-election campaign is courting voters in Florida and Nevada with a new, positive 30-second TV ad on higher education.

The spot, which began airing Friday, features pictures of a young Obama with his mother and at school as the narrator paints a picture of a president who understands the importance of education.

"His mother got him up before dawn to do schoolwork. She knew what it meant for his future. With hard work and student aid, his life was transformed," she says.

The ad touts Obama's efforts to give "young people the chance to compete like he did" by doubling funding for college grants, capping some student loan payments and enacting a tax credit to help offset college costs.

The positive message on education is part of a broader, $25 million TV ad campaign across nine battleground states, which launched on May 7th, an Obama campaign official said.

The anchor of that flight of ads is a minute-long spot dubbed "Go" that touts Obama's first term record.

A spokesman for Republican Mitt Romney said Friday that his campaign would be focusing on education issues next week.