Sunday Sound: Heard on 'This Week'

(ABC News)

Below are some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."


1)  Mitt Romney's 'Blunderbussing' With Attacks on Obama Administration Over Handling of Chinese Dissident 

David Axelrod bashed Mitt Romney for attacking the Obama administration's handling of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng.

"What's shameful is when presidential candidates are so craven to score political points that they speak irresponsibly on half-information at a time when the president is trying and the administration is trying to resolve a situation that is very very sensitive," said Axelrod. "It doesn't help to have candidates blunderbussing around trying to score political points."

  2)  Axelrod Defends President Obama on Campaign Ads  

Axelrod defended President Obama over attacks that he has been "spiking the football" as the nation marks the one year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden. The group Veterans for a Strong America recently released an advertisement that hit the president for a recent campaign advertisement that affirmed the president's role in the killing of bin Laden.

"Well, first of all, the president hasn't been spiking the ball.  This was the one-year anniversary.  It's part of his record.  And it's certainly a legitimate part of his record to talk about.  Look, the president in the last campaign said that he would go wherever he had to, to hit high-value Al Qaida targets, including Osama bin Laden.  One of the first things he did when he got here into the presidency was order the CIA to make this a top priority.  That's one of the reasons - that's the main reason why we were able to be in a position to find bin Laden."

3)  The Obama Campaign to Unveil an Extensive Advertising Campaign

"Well, first of all, We're certainly running on our record.  You could hear it in the president's speech yesterday on our record and our vision and our ideas for the future.  The Osama bin Laden mission was certainly part of the president's record, and we are talking about that" Axelrod said.

"In this coming week, you'll see us unveil an advertising campaign, an extensive advertising campaign, that is very much about where we were and where we've come and the things that we've accomplished, the revitalization of the auto industry, the distance we've traveled from when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, the fact that we're safer today because bin Laden is gone, that the war in Iraq is over, and - and many other things that we're proud of and that speak to the progress that we've made since this president was elected.

4)  Obama Campaign Lacking Enthusiasm?

This morning on "This Week"  Jake Tapper asked David Axelrod about  how the Obama campaign's crows appear to be dwindling. At OSU, at Ohio State yesterday, in a stadium that seats about 18,000, there were roughly 14,000 people there, Tapper asked if this is signaling a potential campaign problem.

Axelrod Responded: "Jake, you should have gone along on the whole trip.  In Virginia, there was an overflow crowd.  And that's the way it is.  But the fact is that 14,000 is 11,000 more than the largest crowd that Mitt Romney has ever drawn. So I think there's enthusiasm for the president's candidacy.  And, you know, we've got tremendous volunteer response.  Just from that event, we got thousands of more volunteers in our campaign.  I am certain that we are going to have an enthused volunteer core and enthused electorate out there."


5)  McCain Gives VP Selection Advice to Romney

TAPPER:  What's the best advice you can give Mitt Romney about picking a running mate?

MCCAIN:  I think it's a person that he knows he could trust, and the primary - the absolute, most important aspect is, if something happened to him, would that person be well qualified to take that place?  I happen to believe that was the primary factor in my decision in 2008.  And I know it will be Mitt's.  And I'm very happy to say, we've got a very deep bench.

6)  McCain Emotional Over The Obama Administration's Silence on Syria

TAPPER:  Do you think that we should be arming the rebels in Syria?

MCCAIN:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  It's an unfair fight.  The Russians are plying arms - supplying arms.  The Iranians are on the ground.  How could we not stand up for these people?  How could we sit by and watch this slaughter go on, while the president of the United States is totally silent and goes to the Holocaust Museum, where Elie Wiesel says to him, why don't we do something about Syria if we're - if it's never again?  He goes to the Holocaust Museum and makes that comment.

And if I sound a little emotional about it, it's because I've been to the refugee camp.  I saw these young women who have been raped.  I saw these young people who have been wounded.  I saw the 25,000 who have had to leave their homes and go to refugee camps. And this administration is silent.  This leading from behind is not going to work, my friend.

THE ROUNDTABLE with with ABC News' George Will, former Obama economic adviser and ABC News consultant Austan Goolsbee, Romney campaign adviser and president of The American Cause Bay Buchanan, radio and television host Tavis Smiley, and Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren.

  The Roundtable Weighs in on the Obama Campaign's Strategy

7) SMILEY:  .. For a person who talked about nonviolence, who the president quotes often, Dr. King once said that war is the enemy of the poor.  And I just hate seeing the president play into the hands of the right by running around bragging about having to off Osama bin Laden.  It's not - I don't think it's presidential.  I think it's bad strategy, with his playing into their hands.  But more importantly for me, it's antithetical to the person he says is one of his great heroes.

8) BUCHANAN:  You know, the enthusiasm factor is going to be there, I can tell you now.  Take a look at what we just heard this morning on your program.  You know, President Obama, his record - we've lost - Americans have lost more jobs, lost more homes, and more people have fallen into poverty than any time since the Great Depression, and we have David Axelrod, his man, come on television this morning, and what did he say?  We have to figure out how to work the economy so that it helps the middle class.  Three-and-a-half years, they haven't figured it out.  He's admitting they don't know how to do it, and he wants us to give him more time, what, to figure it out?.. Americans are suffering across the country.  There's no more time for this man.

9) SMILEY:  I think we have to all agree here, though, that neither Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney are speaking to the angst of the poor.  Every politician who runs for the White House, Jake, thinks they can campaign by talking about the angst of the middle class.  The middle class of this country as we know it is disappearing.  You have the perennially poor.  You have the near poor.  And you have the new poor. We believe that the - that the new poor are the former middle class.  So you can't have a campaign now where we just talk about the angst of the middle class without talking about the poor.  That's what's missing in this context.

10) GOOLSBEE:  ….There were 14,000 people at the rally for the president in Ohio.  There were another 8,000 people in Virginia.  If all 22,000 of those people opened their wallets and gave $1,000 each, that would be less than one donation from a billionaire to the super PACs.  And that's why he's in for the fight of his life.

John Edwards' Trial of to a Difficult Start

11) SMILEY:  I think it was beyond a bad day.  It was a horrific day.  I thought, up until that moment, that Mr. Edwards had a chance to make his case in this courtroom, but when your daughter ends up walking out of court in tears and everybody sees that, it was beyond a bad day.  I think for me, that was the turning point in whatever this trial's going to end up being.

12) VAN SUSTEREN:  Look, I think that most people think that the charges are weak, who have studied them, but he is so disgusting.  I mean, what he did to his wife when she was dying - what I do worry about, stepping back, is whether he can get a fair trial, because how can you possibly like that guy?  That juror is sitting there, trying to be fair and weigh the evidence, and it's very, very hard to give that guy a fair thing, because what he has done is disgraceful.

13) WILL:  Well, being a cad is not a crime.  And the question is whether or not campaign finance laws are being stretched to cover something that was not - some of us think - fundamentally a campaign finance contribution.

14) BUCHANAN:  There's $1 million here.  There's $1 million - you know, people say, well, maybe it's not prosecutable.  He was - he was moving around $1 million to somebody who was a campaign worker.  He doesn't report it to the Federal Elections Commission.  I doubt seriously he reported it to the IRS.  So exactly what was happening here?  There's no question that there is real problems…