The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, Carrie Halperin and Will Cantine

ENDORSEMENTS ABC News' Laura Davis: " Condoleeza Rice to endorse Romney" Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will endorse Mitt Romney on Wednesday night in California, media outlets are reporting. The endorsement will come as Romney, who mathematically secured the Republican nomination for president on Tuesday night, is fundraising in the San Francisco area, the Washington Post reports. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Mitchell Landsberg: "Planned Parenthood endorses Obama, calls Romney 'wrong for women'" The Planned Parenthood Action Fund began a $1.4 million ad campaign Wednesday attacking Mitt Romney as "just wrong for women,"  injecting the abortion rights issue into a presidential campaign that has been heavily focused on the economy. LINK

Bloomberg's John McCormick: " Condoleezza Rice Endorses Romney Citing His Leadership" Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice endorsed Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee at a fundraiser in California last night, saying he understands the nation's special place in the world.  Rice, 57, spoke at an event the former Massachusetts governor attended in Hillsborough, California, near where she teaches at Stanford University. Romney clinched the nomination two days ago, winning the party primary in Texas. LINK

The New York Daily News' Christine Roberts: "It's in the stars! Astrologists predict President Barack Obama will win the 2012 election" A panel of five astrologers unanimously agreed at the United Astrologers Conference that President Obama will beat Mitt Romney on Election Day. LINK

PRESIDENT OBAMA The New York Daily News' Jonathan Lemire and Kenneth Lovett: " Former Gov. David Patterson offers up an odd slam against President Obama" Former Gov. David Paterson tried to defend President Obama from Donald Trump and the birthers - but offered up a sound- bite snafu that seemed like he was accusing his fellow Democrat of pulling a fast one. LINK

USA Today's Aamer Madhani: " Obama campaign struggles to get veterans' support" For months, President Obama and his surrogates have been spotlighting his efforts on behalf of military veterans - a group they think potentially could play an important role in determining who wins several battleground states in November. LINK

MITT ROMNEY The New York Times' Richard A. Oppel Jr.: " Some G.O.P. Foreign Policy Experts Are Tepid on Romney" Henry A. Kissinger gave his endorsement to John McCain more than a year and a half before the last presidential election, explaining in April 2007 that Mr. McCain's "record, character and belief that America's best days lie ahead" made him the "the right leader for these times." LINK

OBAMA/ROMNEY The Boston Globe's Matt Viser: " President Obama's camp targeting Mitt Romney's Mass. Record" President Obama's reelection campaign opened a new front against Mitt Romney on his home turf Wednesday, calling Romney's tenure as Massachusetts governor a time of grand gestures and empty economic promises that should be a warning sign for the nation.  To drive home the point, Obama's campaign is sending chief strategist David Axelrod to the Massachusetts State House Thursday morning to stage a press conference just steps from the office Romney once occupied. LINK

The Washington Times' Susan Crabtree: " Obama calls Romney to congratulate him" In a rare moment of comity in a pitched battle for control of the White House, President Obama called former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Wednesday to congratulate him on securing the Republican presidential nomination. "President Obama said he looked forward to an important and healthy debate about America's future and wished Governor Romney and his family well throughout the upcoming campaign," the Obama campaign said in a statement. LINK

PAC Wall Street Journal's Danny Yadron and Nathan Koppel: " PAC's Fuels Congressional Challenges"  In ousting Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas on Tuesday, primary voters looked past his clout as a top Democrat on the Armed Services Committee and his claim to have saved Fort Bliss, the local Army base, from closure. Anti-incumbent feelings and an aggressive challenger combined to deprive Mr. Reyes of a ninth term. LINK

SOLYNDRA Politico's Jonathan Allen: " Republicans: Words failing Democrats on Solyndra" Republicans are hammering Democrats for stammering - a bit of election-year bullying that the recipients think is a little, well, uh, childish. In a series of emails to reporters over the last couple of days, the Republican National Committee has hit White House spokesman Jay Carney and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter for their delivery as much as their substance on questions involving Solyndra and Bain Capital. LINK

The Hill's Ben Geman: " Bain, Solyndra now center stage in Romney, Obama economic fight"  Solyndra and Bain Capital have become the battleground on which President Obama and Mitt Romney are warring over who would best lead the U.S. economy.   Obama's top aides on Wednesday, for a second day in a row, sought to prevent Romney's attacks on the bankrupt, taxpayer-backed solar company Solyndra from overshadowing the Obama campaign's criticism of Romney's private-equity background.  LINK

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