Meet Obama Boy, 2012's Answer to Obamagirl

In 2008, there was Obamagirl, the web video about a young and often scantily clad young woman who sings to then-candidate Obama about she has a crush on him.

In 2012, after the president's evolution on same sex marriage, meet Obama Boy.

A recently posted video takes the Obamagirl idea and morphs it into a serenade of the president by a young man who is happy with what the president has done on gay rights.

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After playing a short of President Obama's interview with ABC's Robin Roberts in which he announced his support for same sex marriage, the video then consists of a mock phone call from Obamaboy, played by an actor named Justin Brown, to the president.

The refrain sung by Obama Boy includes: "Cannot wait for my soul mate. Barry you're the best candidate."

Brown is accompanied in some shots by a dachshund clad in an American flag and at another point rides a roller coaster with a cardboard cutout of the president.