Romney Says He Hopes Supreme Court 'Does the Right Thing' on Health Care

ATLANTA - Mitt Romney today said he hopes the country's highest court "does the right thing" and overturns the health care plan established by President Obama.

"Gosh, I hope they do the right thing and turn this thing down," said Romney during a high-dollar fundraiser in Atlanta, where donors had paid as much as $50,000 for time with the presumptive GOP nominee.

"And say it's unconstitutional, because it is," Romney added, the crowd of about 800 erupting in applause.

Romney's remarks come amid the weeks in which the Supreme Court is expected to announce it's decision on the Affordable Health Care Act. While Romney frequently - if not daily - touts his displeasure with the health care policy, he has not recently spoken about the decision facing the court.

"This piece of legislation is bad policy, it's bad for our health care, and I can tell you if I'm president I'm going to stop it in its tracks on day one," Romney said.

Romney, who allowed press into the reception portion of the fundraiser, went on to take photos with higher-dollar donors and then attend a dinner at a private residence.

During his remarks, Romney also reiterated his displeasure with President Obama's comment last week in which he said the private sector was "doing fine," noting that while the commander-in-chief had tried to do damage control later in the day, he wasn't buying it.

"I was dumbfounded when he said last week that the private sector is doing fine," Romney said. "I mean that really is, I know he's tried to clear that up and say he knows the economy isn't doing well, no, no, he said the private sector is doing well and that's why he wants to give more funding to states because they're the one - states and localities - that need to hire more people."