'Sun Is Coming Out' in America, Romney Says

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Mitt Romney, with extended family in tow, didn't let a little rain stop him from campaigning in the battleground state of Ohio today, using the storm's fleeting showers as symbolism that a brighter America is on the horizon if he wins his bid for the White House.

"This is courage, you guys out here wearing garbage bags, and those that didn't have garbage bags wishing you had them," Romney said to a crowd of hundreds who had spent the morning waiting for the candidate to arrive as storm after storm rolled through.

"But it looks like the sun is coming out, and I think that's a metaphor for the country, the sun is coming out guys," said Romney, who was joined on stage by his wife Ann, sons Craig and Matt, and several grandchildren.

"Three and a half years of dark clouds are about to part and it's about to get a little warmer around this country," he said.

The event - a Father's Day pancake breakfast - was also attended by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and his wife, Jane. Portman has been rumored to be on Romney's running-mate shortlist.

"Boy that sun feels good, you know that? Things are drying out here. This feels great! And I can tell you something else - the sun is coming out in this country. Our brightest days are ahead," Romney said.

Romney, the father of five sons, was upbeat about his company on his bus tour, which embarked on its third day today,where it will travel across Ohio.

Romney and his family served pancakes to a line of supporters after his remarks, one of Romney's grandson's, Parker, taking turns using the tongs to dole out the flapjacks.

Meanwhile, down the receiving line, Portman was in charge of the syrup, serving dollops to the line of people who had braved the rain.